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Paul had been competing with a classis Dodge Dart and thru this connection Paul started work with Chrysler on the PT Bruiser project, a PT Cruiser which made Paul a worldwide name within the Drag Race Community. This also introduced Paul to a huge amount of PR work with Chrysler and TV work which has carried on to this day, working with 5th Gear and presenter Tom Ford, Piers Ward and Top Gear Magazine, Ben Collins and 5th Gear TV show, Idris Elba and Idris Elba King of Speed on Discovery Channel, most recent being the Jaguar 2016 Infomercial featuring the Jaguar F-Pace to name just a few. Paul has taught and driven in various shows, and has been called upon as a resident expert on a variety of Projects. Paul is also involved in producing his own race series which has been televised and shown on Motors TV since 2009.

PMR can supply maintain and drive all manner of Drag Racecars for Promotional Display work and for use in filming and stunt work. Delivered anywhere in the world with or without crew.



Launched in 2000, Paul saw a real need to give potential new competitors a way of learning how to drive these high powered racecars in a controlled environment safely. The Drag Race School was born, starting with just my existing Dodge Dart, it soon expanded with the addition of an ex Pro Modified Chevy Vega. By 2005 another ex National Championship winning Pro Modified Chevy Monza Doorslammer was added. 2006 saw the importation of the very first 4-Link Dragster ever to be seen in Europe. Which took the fleet to 4 cars. The Drag Race School has over the years produced many many champions. There are currently one Top Fuel Driver Tethys and Fuel Funnycar shoe Steve Ashdown who can both trace their roots back to Paul Marston Drag Race School. Our former pupils bear testament to the need for the school and we always have an open door policy with everyone who has learnt with us.
The school has always run on a not for profit basis, its our way of giving back to the sport which has given us so much over the years. Our instructors at both former UK National Champions. None of this would be possible without the help of the volunteers from the PMR Race Team Crew and the cooperation of Santa Pod Raceway.



Racecar rental was a logical step forward for a lot of graduated drivers and this has flourished since 2001. The arrive and drive programme has been an outstanding success. Drivers can be as involved as they choose to be. Over the years we have had Four National Champions and nearly a dozen Track Champions. As we always tell anyone who drives with us. We go racing to win, we give drivers the best equipment and solid support network coming from a very experienced crew. That said we also know how to enjoy ourselves and mix both to make it a very enjoyable experience tempered by a keen desire to win. Packages are available to anyone who wishes to compete with us. It is preferable for the person to have been thru the Race School but not essential.