Chrysler PT Buiser

Chrysler PT Buiser

Driver: “Paul Marston”

2016 saw the return to full time competition of the PT Bruiser in Super Pro. With the development all but finished, it was time to put her on the rolling road at John Sleaths to figure out the fuel system. During 2015 after we got the car figured out, it became apparent the the top end speed was lacking a little. With the new much larger hoodscoop we figured it needed more fuel.

We wanted to use the rolling road as opposed to removing the motor and just using an engine dyno as this way you are testing the whole car, fuel system, ignition, transmission, Torque convertor, cooling system, fuel pump and system, etc. As near as you can get this is a real world test. A trip to Johns rolling road proved very successful and showed us that although not lean, the motor could certainly use more fuel, so over the next 7 dyno pulls. The motor picked up nearly 100hp, plus we now knew the motor was safe as lambda sensors give your O2 readings on the exhaust.

If you have ever done this kinda thing you will know it’s a scary thing to do, strap down a car with nearly 1000hp and wring its neck!! But it’s the only way to be sure it works properly, it would save you virtually a whole season of testing in one day.

Armed with this we started the 2016 season. Due to bad weather forecast Paul drove the 100% Whoopass Monza at the Festival of Power and debuted the PT Bruiser at the FIA Main Event, with a brand new set of Hoosier Tyres fitted, a change from the usual goodyears. With the PT Bruiser now packing around 950hp its always a wise idea to have a backup plan and with the cold and rain the Monza will get down the track a lot easier than the Bruiser.

The Main Event saw the usual problems, trials and tribulations that you get at your first event of the season. In this case it was parts failure, the motor lost a brand new roller lifter, which is a serious part to loose and entailed a virtual complete strip down of the motor to clean it and retrieve all the broken parts then replace the whole set, but the team made steady progress and got to the quarter finals.

Summer Nationals again at Santa Pod saw the PT Bruiser still have an inconsistency due to lack of an accurate temperature reading. Due to running alcohol as a fuel, you need heat in the motor to be able to burn the fuel and make good power. This ended up biting us in the second round as the Bruiser did dot have the legs to keep in front of Dan Giles who got us in the lights. But the motor and car left in one piece and we knew what we had to do.

FIA European Finals saw the PT Bruiser as No1 qualifier in Super Pro and was faultless throughout qualifying. The crew really had a handle on her and were right on the money. Alas Paul went red by 1/100th second and lost in round 1. But the PT Bruiser was now a real player.

Looking forward to the 2016, there is once again everything to play for.


  • 0-60 MPH – 1.2 Seconds
  • 0-100 MPH – 2.5 Seconds
  • ¼ MILE – 8.08 Seconds
  • MPH – 167 MPH
  • Fuel Consumption 4 Gall Per mile

Current Spec

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Chrysler PT Buiser

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